Produced exclusively in Austria and central Europe, FABSPACE hangars combine efficiency and technical sophistication.

To meet also the highest standards in design, we cooperate with one of the most reowned industrial design studios in Austria. The unique design is influenced by diamond structures and stealth planes.


Our lightweight ironframe construction and hot-dip galvanized truss structure is set on a metal foundation which can be affixed to any kind of surface – whether you need to build a hangar in the desert or on a perfectly flat asphalt surface, FABSPACE is the ideal solution for you. 

The special membrane cover by market leader Serge Ferrari, France, facilitates easy assembling and disassembling and combines functionality with design.  

The FABSPACE hangar is earthquake-proof, can withstand winds from 150-200 km/h and carry a snow weight from 150-250 kg/m². These features guarantee maximum protection for your valuable 

equipment. Whether in the Austrian Alps or in a crisis area, the FABSPACE hangar concept is your best choice to protect your aircraft or helicopters or any civilian / military assets.

The fundament factors to the FABSPACE design concept were not only mobile use (fast installation and a simple and expedient disassembly) but also easy transportation in standardized 20/40 ft containers. With a relatively short production and delivery time of 8-16 weeks we make sure that your hangar reaches you wherever and whenever you need it. Once it arrives, our model V_01 is under ideal conditions up and functional in 3 days.

Our hangar solutions are an innovative and ideal hangar solution, as it is possible to install almost every equipment and installations like cranes, offices, AC, etc. It also comes with standard lightning equipment and a foldable gate, other gate types are also possible. To be self-sustaining we can install solar panels. 

Fabspace hangar solutions are fully certified as a hangar and they fulfill all requirements. 

Fabspace hangars are „temporary“, they don’t need any building permission. But although they are „temporary“ you can use it as permanent solution. Fabspace hangars are not comparable with a tent or any other inflatable building. 

We have calculated statics and our hangars hold up strong winds and heavy weather conditions. The core of our hangars is a galvanized steel construction which is covered by a membrane. 


All of our hangars can be customized to meet your individual needs and protect your valuable assets. If you need a hangar for your

off-shore business on the coast, we can make it. If a helicopter rescue team needs a hangar in the mountains, we will customize it according to their needs. The sizes as well as all features of the FABSPACE hangar are tailorable to meet your special requirements