Fabspace V_01 was designed for small aircrafts and events. The ground plan area is easy to install on the grass or surfaces like concrete/asphalt or gravel.


The natural lighting creates a natural and harmonic indoor climate due to its window glass film on the roof and the front. The hall entrance is located in a cube with a door on the rear of the hall. In this cube the building services with electricity and ventilation as well as the gate control is integrated there.


Version V_01 was presented for the first time in cooperation with the Austrian Armed Forces and Red Bull Stratos as a part of “Airpower 2013“ in Zeltweg, Austria. The Exhibition of the original Stratos capsule with the spacesuit lured about 98.000 people through the Fabspace during the two exhibition days.



L/W/H: 16,00/14,00/5,60 meters

Ground area: 225m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 11,90/3,20 meters

For more information please download our brochure:

Fabspace hangars 2022
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