V_Series models

Our V_Series impresses by its outstanding design combining all advantages of Fabspace mobile hangars. Beside our standard models, we offer individual designs for our clients' special demands. Our passion is to face the challenge of merging both design and functionality by offering a high quality product that fulfills all needs of our customers at the same time.

Although individuality is part of our philosophy, we created several standard types between 250 m² and 3000 m². 

The core of our V_series is a static-calculated galvanized steel construction covered by a high-quality membrane. It resists wind speeds of up to 150km/h or more, snow/sand load up to 150kg/m² and also earthquake-proofed.

Fabspace mobile hangars can be fixed on any type of ground and can be equipped with a wide range of extras, such as HVAC, fire detection and protection systems, solar panels, office areas, cranes and many more. For perfect delivery conditions every hangar part fits in standard 20’ or 40’ containers.

Fabspace hangars are quickly produced and ready for operation.


Our smallest version is perfectly designed for small aircrafts such as Cessna, Commander and Piper.


Measurements: L/W/H: 16,00/14,00/5,60 meters

Ground area: 230m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 11,90/3,20 meters


This model is especially designed for small aircrafts with a bigger windspan. 


Measurements: L/W/H: 29,00/14,00/6,00 meters

Ground area: 266m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 14,90/3,50 meters


Our V_02 version is designed to accomodate most light to medium sized helicopters and small airplanes, e.g. EC135, AW169 or Bell 429.


Measurements: L/W/H: 19,00/19,00/8,50 meters

Ground area: 360m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 15,00/4,80 meters


The V_02_double is especially designed as a 2-helicopter solution,


Measurements: L/W/H: 27,00-36,00/19,00/8,50 meters

Ground area: 510-680m²


Door dimensions (2 doors): 

L/H: 12,50-15,00/4,80 meters


The V_02_quad is especially designed as a multiple-helicopter-solution.


Measurements: L/W/H: 56,00-66,00/19,00/8,50 meters

Ground area: 1.060-1.250m²


Door dimensions (4 doors): 

L/H: 12,50-15,00/4,80 meters


The V_03 is the perfect hangar solution for medium and big helicopters and small business jets, e.g. Bell 212, UH-60 Blackhawk, C350, Mi-24 or PC-12.


Measurements: L/W/H: 28,00/25,00/10,60 meters

Ground area: 700m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 17,60/5,40 meters


This model is shares the dimensions of model V_03, however, it offers two gates in one hangar and enables therefore a very easy handling of aircrafts.


Measurements: L/W/H: 28,00/25,00/10,60 meters

Ground area: 700m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 17,60/5,40 meters


Our V_05 model offers space for multiple aircraft parking, business jets and small commercial aircrafts, the V_05 is the perfect hangar.


Measurements: L/W/H: 36,00-40,00/36,00/11,20 meters

Ground area: 1300m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 25,40-32,00/6,90-8,00 meters


Our largest standard model offers space for a variety of aircrafts, such as narrow-body-aircrafts like a B737 or A320. Also, it includes an adjoining building that can be used as office area, airport restaurant or others. Beside the aircraft in also allows additional 3.000m² office space on 3 floors.


Measurements: L/W/H: 60,00/50,00-55,00/23,00 meters

Ground area: 3.000-3.300m²


Door dimensions: 

L/H: 40,00/13,20 meters

V_X - Your hangar

We also customize the hangar you desire. There are no limits in size.


Measurements: The size you need.

Ground area: Up to you.


Door dimensions: 

No limits in height and width.